ClubGonzo’s Smokin’ Christmas

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Conclusion: wonderful smoky beer with lots of wood smoke, a touch of smoked meat and a sausage or two. Delicious mouthfeel!

Aroma:      7/10
Appearance: 4/5
Taste:      7/10
Palate:     5/5
Overall:    13/20
Ratebeer score: 3.6/5.0

JoKr Brewers Danmarksplass

Danmarksplass by JoKr Brewers, Smoked, 8 % ABV, 33 IBU.

Danmarksplass a.k.a. Test batch no. 10 by JoKr Brewers

I don’t actually like smoked beers that much. I find them far too meaty, sweet and unrefreshing. Liquid sausages just isn’t my thing. So, bear that in mind when you read this rating.

Danmarksplass pours a dark brown body with a copper hue. The big, rather creamy, slightly light-brown head is very long-lived. It actually never disappears, there’s always a healthy layer remaining on top of the beer. It even laces the glass quite well. I can see some grey sediments at the bottom of my glass, but this fact can’t prevent me from finding Danmarksplass a good-looking brew.

The aroma is quite strong and is dominated by, ta-daa, smoke. Proper, sour smoke coming from a campfire that is fed with wood that’s a bit too moist. Or is it the smell of your clothes after you have been sitting next to a big campfire, BBQ-ing sausages all day? There are of course salty notes of smoked meat, cured ham and sausages too, but those are elegantly placed in the back. Therefore, to my surprise, I find the aroma really, really pleasant and far from overwhelmingly meaty! And it’s very clean, I find nothing in here that isn’t put there on purpose by the clever brewers. Good job!

Now for the real test: the taste. And that is even better! It’s light plus sweet and moderate bitter, the bitterness is balancing the sweetness perfectly. The flavours are rather strong, but not too strong, and the smoke is again the main contributor to the flavour profile. The meat is in the back, while the campfire, well integrated alcohol and some delicious whisky-like peaty notes are in the front.

The body is medium to light and the texture is oily and smooth. The mouthfeel is very pleasant both in the beginning, when the carbonation is quite high, and when I empty the glass, when the beer has become very softly carbonated.

Conclusion: the pronounced smoke and peat, subdued meat, perfectly balanced taste and the silky smooth and refreshing mouthfeel make this a very pleasant surprise. Before this day I didn’t really like smoked beers, but now the JoKrs have showed me how a beer of this style should be. I salute you!

Aroma:       7
Appearance:  4
Taste:       7
Mouthfeel:   4
Overall:    14
ratebeer score: 3.6

Some sediments, but who cares.

Looking good! The head looks a bit more creamy from above.

The bottle even has a label on the back.