ClubGonzo’s 40

40 by ClubGonzo, American Amber Ale, 5.9% ABV, 34.1 IBU.

40, batch no. 51.

40, batch no. 51.

This one looks so good that I had to use my TeKu glass.

This one looks so good that I had to use my TeKu glass.

Another brew from ClubGonzo that is dedicated to a family member, cheers Aud Irene!

It pours a gorgeous deep amber body with a red hint, crowned by a large, beige head that ends up as a partially covering film quite quickly .

I’m a bit disappointed by the aroma, it’s nowhere near as strong as I like my ambers. I think I would characterise it as “faint”. All I get are some traces of caramel and hints of fruity hops.

There is a nice punch from the hops in the taste: the finish is moderate bitter. When it comes to the flavour, however, the hops are not playing a major role. There’s quite much caramel, and if it hadn’t been for the distinct fruity background I would have guessed that this was a Vienna.

The mouthfeel is probably the best thing about this beer, it’s very smooth on the palate and it’s quite drinkable.

Conclusion: No flaws and it’s quaffable, but also pretty faint and boring. Should work well at a party. But I don’t drink beer in order to party, I’m a beer geek!

Aroma:      5/10
Appearance: 4/5
Taste:      5/10
Palate:     4/5
Overall:    10/20
Ratebeer score: 2.8/5.0

ClubGonzo’s Solskrog

Solskrog aka. Contract Batch #2 aka. Solo Batch #17. ClubGonzo is a complicated brewery.

Solskrog aka. Contract Batch #2 aka. Solo Batch #17. ClubGonzo is a complicated brewery.

Solskrog by ClubGonzo, American Amber Ale, 5.5% ABV, 40 IBU.

Well well well, a beer brewed for my wife’s third cousin, this is a small world, isn’t it?

As always when I rate a beer I initially pour no more than some 15-20 cl into my glass to ensure a decent headspace which makes it easier to swirl the beer without spilling and to characterise the aroma. This initial pour is clear with a copper colour, but when I’m done with the smelling I see that a 3 cm layer of dirty foam has built up in the bottle. This little fellow is certainly highly carbonated! When I pour the rest of the bottle into my glass, I therefore end up with a murky body with lots of sediments of all sizes. This doesn’t look good at all! The head is better: it’s large, creamy, quite dense, very light brown, laces the glass well and settles as a long-lived layer.

Let's concentrate on the good-looking head and forget about the murky body.

Let’s concentrate on the good-looking head and forget about the murky body.

The aroma is moderate and rather pleasant, but also quite simple. I get caramel and fruits with some unclean yeasty notes lurking in the back, and not much more than that.

The taste is light sweet and light bitter initially and it ends with a moderate bitter finish of a decent length. The flavours give me a bit more than the aromas, here I find fruits, grapefruit and resin, the dirty yeast is still back there, and of course I find traces of solvent-like alcohol, although I have to admit that the latter are very faint.

Standard and ok mouthfeel, light to medium body, dry texture and lively carbonation.

Conclusion: too faint and boring aromas and flavours, and the over-carbonation causes too much yeasty notes.

Aroma:      6/10
Appearance: 2/5
Taste:      5/10
Palate:     3/5
Overall:    11/20
Ratebeer score: 2.7/5.0

ClubGonzo's A.A.

A.A. by ClubGonzo, American Amber Ale,  5% ABV, 34 IBU.

The first cm of beer that settles in my glass is quite clear, but then the remaining beer in the bottle starts to gush lightly, and the body ends up rather murky with lots of sediments. The large, creamy, light-brown head stays as a decent-sized layer and leaves a good deal of lacing on the glass.

ClubGonzoz A.A., a.k.a. Solo Batch no. 3. Another brilliant label!

Strong and pleasant aroma with sweet fruits as the backbone. I’m not quite sure what kind of fruits I pick up other than citric notes, but it’s still very fruity. There is also a nice caramel touch. And isn’t there a lightly roasted feel, I believe I get faint traces of coffee and tobacco? Nah, it can’t be right, can it? Anyway, an inviting aroma!

The taste is quite sweet, both initially and mid palate. Let’s put it at “light to moderate sweet” on the official Beer With Me Sweetness Scale™ (that reads light / moderate / heavy / harsh / pure sugar). The finish is pleasantly moderate to light bitter and is rather long-lived.

A.A. in the glass, the head lasts and lasts.

Thats what I call a creamy head!

The moderate flavours are fruity citric with grassy notes, resin and caramel. Again I think there’s a lightly roasted feel, or is it just the caramel that’s talking?

The mouthfeel is very pleasant, the beer feels very smooth and has a solid medium body, medium carbonation and a light dry finish.

Conclusion: A very drinkable ale! Both the aroma and flavour are nice and absolutely clean without any traces of unpleasant yeast, despite the murky look.

Aroma:      7
Appearance: 3
Taste:      7
Palate:     4
Overall:   13
Ratebeer Score: 3.4