Batch 004: Citra enslig humle / Rabarbrapapa / Nektaripa / Citratron

IPA, 60 IBU, 5.5 – 6.0 % ABV

Brew date: 2012-10-22
Bottled: 2012-11-12 (Batch 004 A), 2012-11-13 (Batches 004 B and D) and 2012-11-17 (Batch 004 C).


The four sub-batches of Batch 004

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The goal of this brew was a tropical, Citra single hop, easy-to-drink IPA with a simple no-fuzz malt bill. Batch 004 was split in 4 sub-batches after a few days in the primary fermenter: Batch 004 A (Citra enslig humle) was dry hopped with Citra, Batch 004 B (Rabarbrapapa) was added rhubarb in the secondary, 004 C (Nektaripa) was both dry hopped with Citra and added nectarine purée in the secondary and finally 004 D (Citratron) stayed in the secondary with lemon balm.

90 %(4.50 kg) Maris Otter Pale Malt (5 EBC)
5 % (250 g) Pale Crystal Malt (70 EBC)
5% (250 g) Caramalt (30 EBC)

Citra (12.7%), 25 g, 60 min (38 IBU)
Citra (12.7%), 22 g, 15 min (16 IBU)
Citra (12.7%), 23 g, 5 min (7 IBU)
Citra (12.7%), 25 g, 0 min (0 IBU)

2 X 5 g of Citra (12.7%) for dry hopping of Batch 004 A and 004 C.

1 tablet Whirlfloc @ 15 min

Approximately 10g of Safale US-05.

Mashing (BIAB)

  • 24.5 L water over heated to 77ºC, approximately 2 L of cold water added to reach a strike temperature of 75ºC. Still too hot, but I’m living on the edge and still rained in the grain at this temperature. Temperature of mash after all grain had been stirred in: 69ºC (i.e. a bit too hot). And the extra 2 L will probably screw up my OG…
  • Pot wrapped in Sitteunderlag™ and blankets, didn’t put it in the oven this time.
  • Gently stirring at 30 min, 60 min and 75 min to increase efficiency. Temperature at 75 min was 65ºC, turned on the heat on low for 3 minutes.
  • Mash end temperature: 63.5 ºC.
  • Bag pulled by hand, held over wort for a couple of minutes to allow some of the trapped liquor to drain, then gently squeezed and twisted the bag. I also tried to sparge the bag with a couple of litres of water holding 78ºC, but the wort that came out had a very low gravity (1.030-ish), so I discarded it.

Pre-boil gravity:
1.048 (theoretical 1.052)

Pre-boil volume:
22.5 L (theoretical 21 L)

Boiling time:
60 min

Post-boil volume:
Approximately 18.5 L (about 17 L ended up in the fermenter, 1.6 L of thrub left in the pot).

1.055 (theoretical 1.065)

1.010 – 1.012 (I measured the FG of Batch 004 A to 1.012 at the time of bottling and the FG of the Nektaripa to 1.010.)

5.5 – 6.0 % (The actual ABV of the Rabarbrapapa and especially the Nektaripa are both quite uncertain, since I never got a chance to measure the gravity after the fruits were added.)


Fermenting temperature:
Ambient room temperature 18ºC – 20ºC.

Sub-batch treatment:
Batch 004 A – Citra enslig humle: 20 days in primary, last 6 days dry hopped with 5 grams of Citra. 4 L bottled.
Batch 004 B – Rabarbrapapa: 21 days in fermenters: 7 days in primary, 11 days in secondary with rhubarb, 3 days in tertiary. The plan was to add rhubarb syrup to the secondary, however, I messed up and boiled 1 kg frozen rhubarb, 1 dl water and 30 g honey for far too long (30 minutes). This gave a massive lump of brownish goo and very little of the lovely pink syrup that I hoped to get. I ended up tossing the lot in the secondary fermenter, let it cool to room temperature and tapped 4 L of beer on top. This will probably look really horrible. Buy hey, ecological rhubarb from my own garden! After 11 days in the secondary I tried to rack the beer to a tertiary fermenter to get the beer of the rhubarb, but the valve clogged. I therefore had to pour the beer into a strainer that I put into the tertiary. As the strainer was filled with goo I lifted it above the beer surface, and allowed the beer that was still trapped in the rhubarb goo to  drain. If this beer doesn’t get oxidised no beer ever will… 3 L ended up in bottles.
Batch 004 C – Nektaripa: 26 days in fermenters: 8 days in primary, 9 days in secondary with 1 kg nectarine purée and 5 grams of Citra the last 5 days of the stay in secondary, finally 9 days in tertiary. The nectarine purée was frozen then pasteurised at approximately 75ºC for 15 minutes, put in a mashing bag and transferred to secondary and 6 L of beer was added. Lots of the purée escaped the mashing bag, and racking to tertiary was therefore necessary. 5 L bottled.
Batch 004 D – Citratron: 21 days in fermenters: 9 days in primary followed by 12 days in secondary with lemon balm tea. The tea was made with 65 g frozen lemon balm from my garden and 2 dl boiling water. The tea was held at near-scalding temperature for 15 minutes, then cooled and put in a secondary fermenter. I don’t think it was a good idea to use frozen lemon balm for this, the tea didn’t actually smell that great, and I doubt that Batch 004 D will be any good… 2.33 L bottled.

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