Batch 003: Hip Hop Hooray

IIPA, 145 IBU, 7.5 % ABV

Brew date: 2012-08-30 (yeast pitched 2012.08.31)
Bottled: 2012-09-15 (Batch 003A, 8 days in primary + 7 days in primary dry hopped with Simcoe) and 2012-09-16 (Batch 003B: 8 days in primary + 8 days in secondary, no dry hopping)



Batch 003 (Simcoe dry hop edition)

My first two batches gave very little beer so I decided to put my tiny 5 L fermenter in the closet and buy a new and bigger one. I ended up with a 30 L fermenter, a 30 L brewing pot and a mashing bag, i.e. I’m ready for my very first Brew In A Bag brew! As a genuine hop head I’m also keen on investigating my palate’s limits, therefore Batch 003 is designed to be an extremely aggressively hopped imperial india pale ale with an IBU of 175. To calculate the malt bill, amount of hops, IBU etc I used both iBrewmaster (iPad) and an Excel spreadsheet from A rather confusing mix of software, as they gave quite different suggestions. I listened mostly to biabrewer, and the theoretical values below are from the spreadsheet. The efficiency I obtained was far less than the efficiency that is assumed in the spreadsheet, so I ended up with far too large pre- and post-boil volumes, an IBU of “only” 145 and I feared that I’d end up with a far too low ABV for an IIPA. Luckily a bag of US-05 contain an army of some hungry little buggers, so the ABV had reached an impressive 7.5 % at the bottling day. With a FG of 1.008…

85 % (4.20 kg) Maris Otter Pale Malt (5 EBC)
6.5 % (320 g) Pale Crystal Malt (70 EBC)
6 % (300 g) Vienna Malt (7-10 EBC)
2.5 % (130 g) Wheat Malt (unknown EBC)

Columbus (12.9 %), 85 g , 60 min (136 IBU)
Simcoe (13.5 %), 30 g, 15 min (25 IBU)
Simcoe (13.5 %), 23 g, 5 min (8 IBU)
Amarillo (9.6 %), 22 g, 5 min (5 IBU)
Simcoe (13.5 %), 25 g, post-boil
Amarillo (9.6 %), 25 g, post-boil

Simcoe (13.5%), 17 g, dry hopping of approximately 9 L of the batch (no dry hopping of the remaining beer)

1 pkg (11.5 g) Safale US-05 (recommended dosage is 0.5 – 0.8 g/L, 11.5 g/15 L = 0.77 g/L. I should probably have used a few grams less)

Mashing (BIAB):

  • 24.4 L water heated in the big pot to 65ºC.
  • The bag was put in and the malt rained in with gentle stirring.
  • Pot placed in pre-heated oven (~70ºC) for 90 minutes. No stirring while in oven.
  • Mash end temperature: 63ºC
  • Grain bag pulled by hand, held over wort for a couple of minutes to allow some of the trapped liquor to drain, then gently squeezed and twisted the bag.

Pre-boil gravity:
1.053 (theoretical 1.062)

Pre-boil volume:
20.5 L (theoretical 19.4 L).

Boiling time:
60 min

Post-boil volume:
18.5 L (theoretical 15 L!). 15 L transferred to no-chill bucket (ok, actually just a plain fermenting bucket, but no-chill bucket sounds so much cooler (pun not intended)) @23:30, since I didn’t have time to wait for the wort to cool. Wort transferred from no-chill bucket to fermenter (12-13 L?) and yeast pitched the next afternoon.

1.065 (theoretical 1.080!))


7.5 %

145 (“actual”, based on actual post-boil volume)

Into kettle: 71.5%
Post-boil: 79.1%

Dry Hopping:
2012.08.09, 8 days after yeast was pitched,:~4 L transferred to secondary fermenter, the remaining ~9 L dry hopped with 17 g Simcoe.

Fermenting temperature:
Ambient room temperature 18ºC-21ºC the first week (most of the time in the lower part of this range), fermenter covered with wet towels when the temperature was greater than 20ºC.

Tasting notes before bottling:
The dry hopped version has an intense and utterly wonderful aroma, with truckloads of tropical fruits! Some not-that-good yeasty notes, but they will probably fade out. Heavy lingering bitterness, strong fruity flavours. Wow, can’t wait to taste a carbonated version! The plain version was bottled the day after so I didn’t compare the two versions directly, but I think it had a bit less intense aroma and flavours.

2012-09-15 (Batch 003A) and 2012-09-16 (Batch 003B) (i.e. 15 and 16 days in fermenter(s))

Final volume bottled:
8.5 L of Batch 003A and 3 L of Batch 003B.

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