Batch 002: Old Man

IPA, 76 IBU, 6.6 % ABV

Brew date: 2012-08-04
Bottled: 2012-08-18 (i.e. in primary for 14 days) 


Batch 002: Old ManMy first brew turned out to be rather successful, at least it tasted ok before bottling, so for my second batch I was brave enough to try to make my own recipe. The batch size, the boiling size, the malt bill, the mashing time, the boiling time and the hop addition times are all inspired by the Nøgne Ø Pale Ale recipe. I’ve done some changes to the malt bill and the hops are new. I don’t expect this to become a very good beer since it’s designed more or less in the dark, but it’s fun to try! My intension was to make a very bitter IPA with lots of citric notes, a good mouthfeel and not too dark body. I have no idea if the amount of caramalt and rye I chose to put in will provide the mouthfeel I’m looking for, and I don’t know if Simcoe and Cascade will work well together, but I find it more fun to try for myself instead of googling! At least when I’m still brewing these tiny 4 L (theoretical…) batches. Batch 002 was brewed on my father’s birthday, so I dedicate this IPA to him. Cheers to the man who always fills up his beer cellar when I’m visiting!

81% (1.05 kg) Maris Otter Pale Malt (5 EBC)
11% (150 g) Wheat Malt (unknown EBC)
4% (50 g) Caramalt (30 EBC)
4% (50 g) Rye Malt (8 EBC)

Simcoe (13.5%), 8 g, 60 min (52 IBU)
Cascade (6.5%), 8 g, 15 min (12.5 IBU)
Cascade (6.5%), 10 g, 5 min (6.3 IBU)
Cascade (6.5%), 15 g, post-boil

Safale S-04, approximately 3 g.

Approximately 4 L water
60 min @ ~65ºC in pot placed in oven preheated to 65ºC

Mashout: temperature raised to 77ºC
Wort recycled though grain
Sparging to obtain a boil size of 5 L

Boiling time:
60 min

Preboil gravity:

1.062 (Theoretical 1.070)

1.012 (Theoretical 1.018)

6.56% (Theoretical: 6.81%)


Brew date:
4. August 2012

Fermenting temperature:
First couple of days; 21.5ºC – 22.5ºC, then the temperature dropped to 20ºC – 21ºC.

18. August 2012 (i.e. 14 days in the fermenter)

Final volume bottled
2 L

My pro wort cooler used for this lovely outdoor brewing session in the pouring rain.

My pro wort cooler used for this lovely outdoor brewing session in the pouring rain.

Tasting notes before bottling
Not bad, not bad at all. The bitterness seems surprisingly gentle, maybe it’s masked by the quite obvious sweetness. The flavour profile is lovely citric and resinous, I’m really looking forward to tasting the final product in two weeks.

3 days @ 24ºC – 25ºC after bottling, then stored at 21ºC – 22ºC  for a bit more than a week, then the temperature dropped to 18ºC -19ºC and stayed there until first tasting.

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