Batch 006: 20:04/Toddy Porter/Smak av honning/Winchester Castle

Porter, 40 IBU, OG 1.064, FG 1.021, 5.5 % – 6.5 % ABV.

Brew date: 2014-09-07
Transferred to secondary: 2014-09-18
Bottled: 2014-10-06 and 2014-10-10

The labels of Batch 006 A/B/C/D

The labels of Batch 006 A/B/C/D

Malt stored in cellar temperature for two years.
65 % (3.60 kg) Maris Otter Pale Malt (5 EBC)
13 % (710 g) Vienna Malt (8 EBC)
6.3 % (350 g) Caramalt (30 EBC)
3.6 % (200 g) Pale Crystal Malt (70 EBC)
3.6 % (200 g) Fawcett Chocolate Malt (1100 EBC)
9 % (500 g) Light Spray Malt

All hop pellets from 2011, stored in my refrigerator for two years. Alpha acid levels are therefore approximate.
Bramling Cross (6%), 10 g, 60 min (7 IBU)
Northern Brewer (10%), 60 min, (11 IBU)
Bramling Cross (6%), 35 g, 15 min (11 IBU)
Northern Brewer (10%), 15 min, (6 IBU)
Bramling Cross (6%), 30 g, 5 min (4 IBU)
Bramling Cross (6%), 5 g, 0 min (0 IBU)

1 tablet Whirlfloc @ 15 min

11.5 g of Safale S-04 (Best before February 2014!)

Time spent on brew day:
16:20: Started measuring and warming water in kettle.
17:25: Grain stirred into kettle.
18:55: Mashing done.
19:30: Boil start
20:30: Boil end. Cooler turned 3 minutes after flameout.
21:00: Temperature of wort at 24ºC, yeast pitched.
21:15: Fermenter safely placed in my beer cellar.
22:10: Done cleaning up…

Mashing (BIAB)

  • 25 L water over heated to 75º C. Temperature of mash after all grain had been stirred in: 69ºC.
  • Pot wrapped in Sitteunderlag™ and blankets, didn’t put it in the oven this time.
  • Gently stirring at 15, 30, 45, 60 and 75 min to increase efficiency. Temperature at each stirring ranged from 68ºC to 69ºC, heat on max for 1 minutes when temperature got down to 68ºC.
  • Mash end temperature: 68 ºC.

Pre-boil gravity:
1.059 (was 1.052 before I added 500 g of spray malt)

Pre-boil volume:
D’oh! Forgot to measure!

Boiling time:
60 min

Post-boil volume:
Approximately 17.8 L (about 15 L ended up in the fermenter, 2.8 L of throb left in the pot).

1.064 (uncertain? Lots of trub in my measuring tube!)


5.7% (the batch with honey is approximately 6.3% ABV, the black currant version is close to 6% ABV)


Fermenting temperature:
Ambient room temperature 20ºC – 21ºC. A wet towel was placed on the primary fermenter the first few days.

Temperature after bottling:
Stored at 21ºC – 23ºC for three weeks, then moved to colder room (17ºC – 19ºC).

Sub batch treatment:

  • Sub batch A: 20:04
    15 ml light cocoa powder (“bakekakao”) added to 2 dl of boiling water, then 11 g og pepper mint leaves from my herb garden added and allowed to steep for 10 minutes. Then added to secondary fermenter and allowed to cool to room temperature before 3 L of beer was poured on top. 1.021. 2.25 l bottled @ October 6th.
  • Sub batch B: Toddy Porter
    150 g dark currants and 50 ml of water slowly warmed up to 75ºC. Added to hop sock in secondary, cooled for quite some time before it was at room temperature and I poured in 4 L of beer. 1.021. 2.5 L bottled @ October 6th.
  • Sub batch C: Smak av honning
    75 g heather honey and 25 g of acacia honey mixed with 1 dl water allowed to boil. Added to secondary, allowed to cool, added 4 L of beer. FG 1.021, 3.25 L bottled @ October 10th.
  • Sub batch D: Winchester Castle
    Most of the beer was transferred to secondary fermenters A, B and C, but a few litres where allowed to stay and will be used as a reference for the experimental sub batches. 3.25 L bottled @ October 10th.

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