ClubGonzo’s Witmead

Mead, 10% ABV.

A wheat beer with bitter orange peel and coriander seeds can be delicious, so why not a mead with the same additives?

It pours a clear and rather light amber colour.  I find it difficult to rate the appearance of a mead, they all tend to look rather similar. But I guess it look rather nice, right?

Witmead, mead batch no. 43.

Witmead, mead batch no. 43.

img_0720The aroma is strong and enchanting! I want to curl up in my sofa with a glass of this the next time I catch a cold – the mix of sweet and soothing honey with the citric freshness of the orange peel is really delicious. There might be a light spicy background, but I can’t really identify the coriander.

The taste is as sweet and lovely as I had hoped for, and it contrasts the orange peel bitterness in the finish perfectly.  The strong flavour is a carefully balanced mix of sweet honey and bitter and crisp orange. The coriander is rather hidden, so the wit beer feeling isn’t really present at all.

Overall: a perfectly balanced brew, both when it comes to taste and flavour. This one should become a part of Mjøderiet’s core lineup! Recommendation:  try it on pancakes and in mayo/mustard/honey/mead dip for chicken nuggets!

Aroma:      8/10
Appearance: 4/5
Taste:      8/10
Palate:     4/5
Overall:    15/20
Ratebeer score: 3.9/5.0

One comment on “ClubGonzo’s Witmead

  1. Oh man. I have rarely disagreed more to one of your ratings Terje! 😅 In fact, I hesitated in sending you a bottle of this batch, as I was close to dumping it…

    Initially, it was only half the volume of base mead vs. the spices, and it was utterly undrinkable. Then, I blended it with twice as much base mead and it became more drinkable, and just made the cut for bottling. However, I still find it very unbalanced, and to my palate it is insanely astringent/bitter, like a bitter English marmelade in liquid form. But hey, I forgot how you like your bitter IPAs so that probably accounts for some of it. 😊

    Oh well, it’s cool that you like it but I have to trust my own palate a bit so this version will definitely not be one the Mjøderiet release list, at least not in its current form. Maybe if I cut the amounts of orange peel and coriander in two once more, it might work. We’ll see. 😊

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