ClubGonzo’s Flanders Blue

Flanders Blue by ClubGonzo, Flanders Red/Fruit Beer,  6.4% ABV, 20.1 IBU.

Flanders Blue by ClubGonzo, Batch no. 70.

Flanders Blue by ClubGonzo, Batch no. 70.

The past 5 years I’ve been trying to learn how to appreciate sour beers, but I still haven’t fully succeeded. However, Flanders Red are really growing on me, so I’m looking forward to ClubGonzo’s first attempt at this style. But of course, this is ClubGonzo, so there’s a twist: he’s added blueberries.

It pours a very cloudy deep red body, with a quite large, creamy, medium head that settles as a fully lasting layer, and lots of foam sticks to the glass.

Deep red body. Goes well to our green lawn.

Deep red body. Goes well to our green lawn.

The nose is sour, funky and strong, with fermented red berries, cherries, cherry pits and barnyard, and marzipan in the back.

In the mouth it’s clear that this is the real deal, this is a sour that is true to the style, with no off-flavours. I get a strong flavour of vinegar, fermented red berries, including cherries, and other fermented fruity notes, upon a gentle barnyard background. It’s quite rough and maybe a bit too vinegary, but it’s very nice. The taste is light sweet, moderate sour, moderate acetic and light bitter.

It’s very dry on the palate, it has a medium body and a moderate carbonation.

Conclusion: a powerful and vinegary sour beer, with a nice fruitiness from the blueberries (although it’s hard to single out exactly these berries).

Aroma:      7/10
Appearance: 4/5
Taste:      7/10
Palate:     4/5
Overall:    14/20
Ratebeer score: 3.6/5.0

One comment on “ClubGonzo’s Flanders Blue

  1. I am glad you came to appreciate this one, as it is one of my favorite beer creations, a result of loads of work and efforts – and my first real sour. Very happy with the way it turned out. 3,6 from you, when you actually struggle a bit with sour beers, is a damn fine score. Thanks. 🙂

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