ClubGonzo’s Red X

Red X by ClubGonzo, Bown Ale, 7% ABV, 28.5 IBU.

ClubGonzo's Red X, batch no. 52

ClubGonzo’s Red X, batch no. 52. Ok, it doesn’t look this red without the backlight.

A true beer geek beer, brewed to showcase the Red X base malt.

It does have a nice colour indeed, although it might have been even redder if a smaller amount of Red X had beed used? The body has a very deep red-ish copper colour. The beige head is of moderate size and shrinks quickly, but it remains a thin layer until the glass is empty. Some of the foam is left on the glass.

Red X in the glass.

Red X in the glass.

The aroma is malty and pretty strong. It’s simple and undemanding, but I get very pleasant notes of sweet caramel, dark dried fruits and a touch of red berries.

The flavour is strong and again it’s the malt that runs the show. Lots and lots of caramel, nuts, dark dried fruits and a bit of (pleasant and clean) alcohol. The mouthfeel is fairly oily, although it dries up in the finish. The carbonation is soft, and that fits such a sweet and caramelly beer. The label claims that the IBU is 28.5 (don’t get me started on significant figures again!), but I find the bitterness to be quite substantial, and would have guessed approximately 48.372 IBU. There is a moderate sweetness that more than balances the bitterness, so this still feels like a sweet beer.

Conclusion: a sweet, malty and simple beer, but a good one, without any flaws.

Aroma:      6/10
Appearance: 4/5
Taste:      7/10
Palate:     4/5
Overall:    12/20
Ratebeer score: 3.3/5.0

One comment on “ClubGonzo’s Red X

  1. Again, I agree. A simple, straightforward beer which was never meant to be anything else – I brewed this simply to test the claim of generating a red beer. To be honest, I wasn’t too happy with the result. I was expecting a cleaner, more brilliant red color and this malt (at least alone) did not really deliver – it ended up more in the amber-brown with a red hue-territory, which I can do with other malt combos. Decent enough beer, though. The quest for the ultra-red malt bill continues. 😉

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