ClubGonzo’s Castle Beer

ClubGonzo's Castle Beer - Batch no 48 - Contract brew no 7.

ClubGonzo’s Castle Beer – Batch no 48 – Contract brew no 7.


Castle Beer in the glass, including a huge infected head.

Castle Beer by ClubGonzo, Saison, 5.2% ABV, 30.8 IBU.

Kinn’s Slåtteøl is a quite nice saison, and Castle Beer (oh, the puns!) is a clone of this brew.

I open the bottle and… Ouch! A gusher! I barely manage to save my precious Mac from being marinated in beer, and luckily all the liquid ends up in my glass. The body is deep amber and hazy, and the off-white head is of course huge initially, but settles fairly quickly as a nice layer.

Quite strong aroma of old fruits, cellar, fart and sweat. This is really not something I would like to drink.

The first sip confirms that this is a ruined beer. It might not be as farty as the aroma indicates, but instead I get the good old notes of stinging solvent. Light bitterness, yadi-yadi-yada, dry texture… whatever… You know what I mean, I don’t think I want to waste any more electrons on this obviously bad bottle.

Conclusion: drainpour extravaganza.  I actually had two bottles of this beer, and the other bottle was equally nauseating. 

Aroma:      3/10
Appearance: 3/5
Taste:      1/10
Palate:     3/5
Overall:    4/20
Ratebeer score: 1.4/5.0

One comment on “ClubGonzo’s Castle Beer

  1. Yup, there were quite a few bottles like this one in circulation. Not good, and particularly since this was a batch intended for “external parties”. Hopefully the bottling was faulty rather than the batch itself, so that at least they had some good ones here and there. I also have a hunch that they might have drunk the beer fast enough to actually consume it before the infection (which have worked slowly, over time) kicked in. At least, I hope so. 😛

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