ClubGonzo’s Hard Workin’ Porter

Hard Workin’ Porter by ClubGonzo, Baltic Porter, 9% ABV, 31.2 IBU.

ClubGonzo's Hard Workin' Porter, Batch 25

ClubGonzo’s Hard Workin’ Porter, Batch 25

Hard Workin' Porter in a TeKu.

Hard Workin’ Porter in a TeKu.

This porter pours a black body with a medium brown,  head that laces the glass well.

Malty, sweet and strong aroma of massive milk chocolate, dark roasted malt, coffee, traces of hops, faint fruits and hints of alcohol. Very tempting!

Strong flavour of chocolate and chocolate sauce but with a dark roasted background with strong notes of coffee and slightly vegetal notes of coffee beans. I really like this chocolate/coffee balance, I often find such a beer to be dominated either by chocolate or coffee. There are also fruity notes and a bit too much alcohol. The alcohol is quite clean, but it’s a bit intrusive nonetheless.

The mouthfeel is excellent, it’s a full-bodied beer with a creamy and smooth, almost oily texture and with a soft carbonation.

Conclusion: an excellent beer with just a tad too much alcohol. 

Aroma:      7/10
Appearance: 4/5
Taste:      7/10
Palate:     5/5
Overall:    14/20
Ratebeer score: 3.7/5.0

One comment on “ClubGonzo’s Hard Workin’ Porter

  1. Fully agreed, this one came out pretty nice. 🙂 There’s even some coffee added, which you didn’t fail to detect. Also, the aging has apparently treated the beer well; I have no more bottles so this one was the last I guess. But as usual, I didn’t notice any particularly strong alcohol tones… 😛

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