ClubGonzo’s Moonlit Fields

Moonlit Fields by ClubGonzo, Dark Lager, 5% ABV, 21.4 IBU.

ClubGonzo's Moonlit Fields, batch no 34.

ClubGonzo’s Moonlit Fields, batch no 34.

The Moonlit Fields pours a slightly hazy deep copper body with an average-sized,  light tan, creamy head that laces the glass well.

The aroma isn’t strong, but it’s crisp, dry and pleasant, with notes of caramel, light floral hints and traces of citrus in the back.

The flavour is toasted, I get notes of caramel, gentle grass, floral hints and fruits, especially the finish has a nice crisp fruity feel. The taste is medium to light sweet with a light plus bitter finish. Overall a clean and crisp feeling.

The mouthfeel is ok, the beer is mid-bodied and has a soft to moderate carbonation.

Conclusion: A simple and quite ok beer that combines crispiness with a toasted feel.

Aroma:      5/10
Appearance: 4/5
Taste:      6/10
Palate:     3/5
Overall:    11/20
Ratebeer score: 2.9/5.0

One comment on “ClubGonzo’s Moonlit Fields

  1. You are being too kind on this one Terje – don’t you recognize the soapy herbal tones, very present in both aroma and taste? Also, a lack of roastiness kinda takes away the backbone I felt this one could have needed to combat the floral, near-shampoo-ish taste from the massive overdose of noble hops for dry hopping… (250 grams on 22 liters was…too much!). But it’s still fairly drinkable, glad you liked it better than me, at least. 🙂

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