ClubGonzo’s Stiff Upper Lip

Stiff Upper Lip by ClubGonzo, English Strong Ale, 6.8% ABV, 36 IBU.

In the glass the Stiff Upper lip is cloudy, with a medium orange to brown colour. The off-white head is small but long-lived, and ends up as a fully lasting, bubbly, thin layer that leaves some lacing.

ClubGonzo Stiff Upper Lip, batch 17

ClubGonzo Stiff Upper Lip, batch 17

Ok, I do have a cold, but isn’t this aroma pretty faint? All I get is some vague sweet dark dried fruits along with some overripe generic fruity notes. Nothing wrong here, but pretty boring.

The taste is light sweet, and the short finish has a light to moderate bitterness. The flavours are also quite faint, but the little that is in there is quite pleasant. I get notes of caramel and dark dried fruits, and very little else. Again it’s clean, but oh so faint and unusually boring.

The mouthfeel is surprisingly watery, and the very soft carbonation enhances the dull feeling. The beer dries up a bit in the finish.

Conclusion: unusually anonymous for a ClubGonzo beer, both the aroma and the flavours are far too weak to make this an interesting brew. However, it’s completely clean without any off-notes or higher alcohol, so that’s something.

Aroma:      5/10
Appearance: 3/5
Taste:      4/10
Palate:     2/5
Overall:    8/20
Ratebeer score: 2.2/5.0

One comment on “ClubGonzo’s Stiff Upper Lip

  1. I agree 100 % on this one. Smooth, but quite boring (which I find prevalent in the English tradition, so at least I got that “right”.. :-P). I particularly find the lack of body and mouthfeel to be detrimental to the impression of this brew – the mash was too low and the yeasties really went to work on this one, removing both body and residual sweetness to a great degree. I wonder, however, that you might have poured it a bit carelessly, adding bottom sediments – last time I checked, this beer was crystal clear..

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