JoKr Brewers Oatpremacy

Oatpremacy by JoKr Brewers, DIPA, 8.2% ABV, 92 IBU.

The day I received my previous beer delivery from ClubGonzo my dad was visiting, and he was so intrigued by the labels of the bottles that I had to offer him a taste of some Bergen homebrew. I decided to put his tastebuds up for a challenge, and got this DIPA that had stayed in my beer cellar for a few months.

JoKr Brewers Oatpremacy batch 17

JoKr Brewers Oatpremacy batch 17

The Oatpremacy pours a hazy, medium amber body with a small egg white head that ends up as a very thin but fully lasting layer. Virtually no foamy remnants are left on my glass.

The aroma is very strong and is a splendid mix of malty and hoppy notes. The hops take the lead, and deliver a very fruity feel with slightly overripe fruits, mainly grapefruit and tropical fruits like peach. I also get a whiff of alcohol. My dad didn’t get much, due to his near non-existent sense of smell.

The taste is very fitting for a DIPA: a moderate sweetness balances the heavy bitter and long-lasting finish very well. The flavours are quite strong, but I had expected more intensity due to the stunning aroma. I get tropical fruits with peach and hints of pineapple, grapefruit and resin. And then there is of course notes of alcohol that could have been better hidden. The bitterness was a bit over the top for my old man, but he finished the glass and claimed that he liked the flavours.

The beer feels rather full bodied and has a fairly oily texture. The carbonation is very soft, I find it too soft.

Conclusion: a nice DIPA, but the taste doesn’t quite live up to the standard set by the aroma. And it lacks the ClubGonzo craziness… Can be served to dads.

Aroma:      8/10
Appearance: 3/5
Taste:      6/10
Palate:     3/5
Overall:   12/20
Ratebeer score: 3.2/5.0

One comment on “JoKr Brewers Oatpremacy

  1. Hehe..this is a JoKr Brew, so Erlend has had quite a bit of “hands on” on this one… 🙂 The reason for the lack of “oomph” can be explained by the simple fact that this was a second attempt for Erlend to improve on his “HissIPA” (see previous rating) and the intention was to brew a regular IPA. However, the yeast overperformed a bit and we were left with what was essentially a DIPA…compared to the American-style DIPAs this is rather “small” in profile, and now you know why. Still a good beer, but it has lost some hoppiness (brewed quite some time ago) and perhaps carbonation, too.

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