JoKr Brewers Bimbaffled

Bimbaffled by JoKr Brewers, Belgian Blonde, 6.2% ABV, 28 IBU.

For a blonde this beer isn’t that blond: the colour is slightly pale amber. In the glass the body looks clear, once again the JoKr brewers have done a good job when it comes to clearity (or maybe my pouring skills are improving!). The head however is frothy and is very soon reduced to a thin, white layer that doesn’t lace the glass very well.

A blonde that isn't very blond. Right here the head is big, but trust me, it collapses very fast.

The aroma is of moderate intensity and is rather Belgian, with obvious and pleasant notes of Belgian yeast, spices and with fruity notes that are sweet and at the some time a bit acidic. And then, far in the back, are some elements that make me wonder if this bottle is very lightly infected? There are some faint wild notes, some sourness and a touch of fermented apples! The fun thing is that these parts only bring another dimension to the beer, they make the aroma more interesting. Still, I think I prefer blondes with a more traditional, cleaner and stronger aroma.

JoKr Brewers Bimbaffled a.k.a. Batch 14.

The taste is light sweet and light bitter, and again I find traces of sourness. The moderate flavours have notes of Belgian yeast, spices, faint fruits, some nice notes of sweet honey and vague hints of fermented apples. And then, of course, alcohol! Ha! I had this beer 5 minutes after the absolutely clean East Block Sunshine, but here they are again, the good ol’ boozy JoKr notes of stinging, near fusel-like alcohol. Ok, the alcohol is not very intrusive, and if this had been a Duvel clone it would have been close to tolerable. But for a 6.2% ABV the alcohol is too stinging, even for the style. Apart from the alcohol the mouthfeel is ok, with a medium body, moderate carbonation and dry texture.

Conclusion: Typical Belgian notes work well with sweet honey to fight back the attacks of the biting alcohol. The pleasant elements are a bit too faint and the aggressive alcohol is too obvious. The sourness and the wild notes are a bit misplaced, even if they’re not terribly disturbing.

Aroma:      6
Appearance: 3
Taste:      5
Palate:     3
Overall:   10
Ratebeer Score: 2.7

One comment on “JoKr Brewers Bimbaffled

  1. Once again, I agree with everything you say except the alcohol part…must be a “house brewery” thing; let’s hope at least some of our beers escape the fusel-alco-trap at some point. Staying tuned. 😉

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