JoKr Brewers Crumbling Empire

Crumbling Empire by JoKr Brewers, Imperial Stout, 8.2% ABV, 33 IBU.

This is a beer I’ve beed storing in my cellar for more than half a year, by orders of the brewers. By now it should hopefully be mature and nice!

It pours a very dark brown body, almost black, with a large, light-brown, creamy head that is very long-lived and laces the glass excellently. What more could you ask for?

Crumbling Empire, a.k.a. Test Batch no 9.

The aroma is strong, roasted and has distinct notes of coffee and liquorice, with some additional hoppy fruity notes in the back. Not very complex or extraordinary, but an inviting aroma.

The taste is moderate sweet with a long-lasting, heavy to moderate bitter finish. I can’t believe that the IBU isn’t higher than 33? When it comes to the flavour I understand why the jokers wanted me to let this beer stay in its bottle for quite some time before trying it, they probably felt that the alcohol was too obvious when the brew was fresh. Me? I would have let the beer mature for another decade or two: a stinging alcohol flavour is far too dominant. Luckily there are also strong notes of coffee and liquorice, the latter is particularly obvious in the long-lasting aftertaste. Finally I get some very faint fruity notes.

The mouthfeel would have been wonderful, if it wasn’t for the too obvious alcohol. Medium to full body, oily texture and moderate carbonation.

Conclusion: a good-looking and tasty beer with a bit too much alcohol.

Aroma:      7
Appearance: 5
Taste:      7
Palate:     3
Overall:   13
Ratebeer Score: 3.5

One comment on “JoKr Brewers Crumbling Empire

  1. Comments from ClubGonzo:

    Thanks for the rating again; this one scored pretty high and it’s a pretty decent beer in our opinion as well (though not outstanding). Once again I think our differences in sensitivity regarding alcohol are striking; I personally did not get this notion at all. It may be, however, that what you refer to as “alcohol” is in fact fusel/higher alcohols, which I get a bit of as well. This may very well have been created during the early stages of fermentation; the beer was brewed back in the day when our consciousness on fermenation temperature stages was very limited. Moreover, it did not ferment quite as well as we wanted it to, resulting in a slightly weaker imperial stout in contrast to our ambitions (I think our target was around 10 %) and it became a bit sweet and “unclean” in taste – which was the background for our Beer Here-inspired provocative label (an empire “gone wrong”). But all in all I think the rating in general reflects our view on our first imperial stout.

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