Dr. M nr. 2 – Svart høst

Svart høst by Dr. M, Stout, 4-5% ABV, IBU unknown.

Dr. M’s first beer was an extract brew, let’s see if he’s up for a real all-grain challenge! Ever since I got to know Dr. M some 20 years ago, he’s always been a master at the kitchen, and considering his chemistry background I’m not surprised if he manages to cook up a good beer in his first attempt. The goal of this beer was to make a bit darker version of a Belgian blond, but it ended up far darker than his original plan…

The least blond Belgian blond in this part of the galaxy.

The beer pours a viscous and close to black body, with a very large, dense and creamy, light brown, fully lasting head that leaves lots of foam on the glass. Nope, this doesn’t look very blond!

The aroma is strong and pleasant, and very stout-like. I don’t get many Belgian yeast notes, it’s dominated by roasted notes, coffee, ash and faint chocolate, but with some faint fruity notes that I guess are caused by the yeast.

Dr. M. nr. 2 - Svart høst.

The taste is light sweet while the finish has a quite sharp and biting moderate bitterness. This extremely long-lasting, near-astringent, almost metallic bitterness is a bit disturbing, and severely degrades the otherwise pleasant mouthfeel. The body is medium, the texture is dry and creamy and the carbonation is soft. The flavour profile is roasted with coffee and dark fruits and berries in front, while bitter and very dark chocolate together with dark caramel lurk in the back. Again the Belgian feel is quite subdued, I’d hoped for even more fruits and yeasty goodness.

Conclusion: A nice Belgian Stout with an inviting aroma and tasty flavours, but there is something about the bitterness that I don’t find that pleasant. Still a very impressive first all-grain!

Aroma:      7
Appearance: 4
Taste:      7
Palate:     3
Overall:   13
Ratebeer Score: 3.4

One comment on “Dr. M nr. 2 – Svart høst

  1. Rating from Stian Krog, posted on Beer With Me’s Facebook page:

    Dr. M no. 2 – Svart Høst

    Pours a tar black body with a very elegant big, creamy beige head. Nose is light licorice and coffee tones with Belgian fruity ale yeast tones and hints of caramel and dark chocolate. Subtle, but appetizing. Despite the warning that this is Dr. M’s second brew only, I actually look forward to tasting this beer. I am not mistaken! This is a delicious blend of caramel, sweet Belgian yeast tones and chocolate, with hints of coffee, grains and some bitter, nearly astringent hop/yeast interaction in the finish (the latter being virtually the only drawback). Smooth, creamy and rich palate which kinda makes me think some oats, rye or wheat is in play here but the label says otherwise so this is quite commendable! Being a relatively low alcohol brew, this is very drinkable while still retaining a lot of what I look for in stronger beers. The obvious residual malt sweetness does wonders interacting with what could otherwise have been a harsh hop/yeast-sour finish. If I could only get six packs of this at Rema 1000! (Or wait, who am I kidding – I’m a Ratebeer junkie so I’d probably just take something I haven’t tasted before, regardless… :-P) Nevertheless, I must say I’m majorly impressed with the result of this brew no. 2. If the standard keeps being raised from this level there might actually be a new star on the brewing sky of Norway before we know it. Major props. Can I get the recipe? 🙂

    Aroma: 7
    Appearance: 5
    Taste: 7
    Palate: 5
    Overall: 16

    Total score: 4,0

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