Dr. M nr. 1 – AmIPA

Nr. 1 – AmIPA by Dr. M, India Pale Ale, ABV and IBU unknown.

I don’t rate a lot of extract brews, but since this is the very first brew from my good buddy Morten, and he has actually modified the recipe somewhat, I’ll give it a go after all. This beer is based on the IPA extract kit from Bryggselv, with additional cascade hops added to the secondary.

Dr. M nr. 1 - AmIPA. Label slightly inspired by Fritz Lang.

In the glass the beer has a nice dark amber colour and is close to crystal clear. The head is large, creamy, off-white and very long-lived. It never gets smaller than a good-sized layer, and is laces the glass well.

The aroma is sweet, very strong and pleasant, with heavy hoppy fruity notes. It’s tropical with peach, mango and pineapple, and with additional citrus and sweet caramel. Lovely!

Isnt this how an IPA should look like?

The taste is light sweet while the long-lasting finish has a marvellous heavy bitterness. There are quite some tropical fruity notes in the flavours as well, but bitter grapefruit is more evident, as well as resin and some rather sharp grassy hoppy notes. Maybe a bit too heavily dry hopped, this one? A nice caramel background backs up the hop attack.

The mouthfeel is splendid, with a medium body, smooth and oily texture and moderate carbonation.

Conclusion: A very successful first try! One may ask why bother brewing all-grain and making your own recipes when a simple extract brew gives a far better beer than I’ve ever managed to make?

Aroma:      8
Appearance: 4
Taste:      7
Palate:     4
Overall:   13
Ratebeer score: 3.6

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