Meilby Brewing Imperial Licorice Stout

Imperial Licorice Stout by Meilby Brewing, Imperial Stout, 12.8 % ABV, 80 IBU. 

The autumn is here and with it my crave for dark and powerful beers. What better way to start the stout season than an imperial licorice stout?

Meilby Imperial Licorice Stout, bottled 19.12.2011, batch 003, bottle 22/23.

Out of the bottle pours a very viscous looking, oily, black liquid that doesn’t seem to be carbonated at all. Even when I raise the bottle far above the glass no head is formed, apart from some brown big bubbles that migrate towards the walls of the glass. They are sort of long-lived, but don’t leave any lacing.

Black, oily beer with a few bubbles.

The aroma is amazing, complex, strong and sweet! Coffee, chocolate, liquorice, dark caramel, dark sweet fruits, raisin and a touch of port wine. It’s roasted, but not as heavily roasted as the utter black body indicates.

The heavy sweet taste is nicely backed up by a slight salty feel and a moderate to heavy bitter finish. The flavours are quite strong and very, very pleasant. Sweet dark caramel, port wine and roasted notes, but most of all intense and ever-lasting notes of liquorice that explode in the aftertaste. The alcohol is extremely well integrated, it’s only present as this lovely port wine feel. Absolutely amazing!

In the mouth this black monster feels like liquid liquorice, this must be the definition of a full bodied beer! The texture is thick, viscous, oily and wonderful. The only thing that prevents me from giving a 5 is the lack of carbonation. It’s very close to flat with just the slightest tingling sensation on my tongue, but that might as well be caused by the alcohol.

Conclusion: an absolutely delicious beer with stunning aroma and taste, and although the flavour profile is a bit too dominated by the liquorice to be called complex, it’s still one of the very best homebrews I’ve ever tasted. 

Aroma:     8
Apperance: 3
Taste:     8
Palate:    4
Overall:  15
Ratebeer Score: 3.8

3 comments on “Meilby Brewing Imperial Licorice Stout

  1. This was my 3 take on extract brewing, I brewed it about a year ago and unfortunately I have lost the recipe but I used 3kg Muntons Gold Imperial Stout as the base and I think I used 1kg medium spray malt as well added to 10L of water boiled down to about 8L. To the boil I added 10 tablespoons of unsweetened licorice power. It was hopped with Columbus, Simcoe and Fuggles (probably a few more that I have forgotten) and fermented with WLP099 Super High Gravity. OG was around 1.115 and it took 3 months to get down to 1.017. Looking back I should probably have added some fresh yeast during bottling.

    • Cool! I was in fact thinking of buying a Muntons Gold Imperial Stout and some spray malt the other day. Now that I know how lovely the result of such a mix can become, I’ll think I’ll actually do it!

  2. Here’s my take on it:

    M Imperial Licorice Stout

    Bottle, courtesy of Kenni via Hanne; thanks man! wink Pours a tar black body with a small caramel-hued creamy head.
    Aroma is salty licorice, coffee and alcohol with hints of spicy herbs. Taste is sweet licorice, pepper, coffee, roasty malts,
    salt and hints of astringent hops coating the back of the palate. Warming, but pleasantly integrated alcohol. Mouthfeel is well rounded but perhaps a tiny bit flat. Pretty damn nice, and apart from the slight lack of carbonation and astringency this is a really good imperial stout in the heavyweight division.

    Aroma: 7
    Appearance: 4
    Taste: 7
    Palate: 3
    Overall: 15

    Total score: 3,6

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