Meilby Brewing India Pale Ale

India Pale Ale by Meilby Brewing, India Pale Ale, 5.4% ABV, 78 IBU.

Meilby Brewing India Pale Ale.

India Pale Ale is one of my favourite beer styles. The IPA of my dreams has an intense fruity aroma without any notes of fruits gone bad, some sweetness in the taste and a very bitter finish, and strong fruity flavours. Let’s see if Meilby Brewers IPA stands the test!

It pours an surprisingly dark body, it’s deep amber, almost brown, and quite hazy. A large, off-white, creamy and rocky head forms easily, it’s fully lasting and it laces the glass well.

The aroma is strong and very inviting! There is quite much malty sweetness that is difficult to pin down, but I guess sweet caramel is sort of fitting. The fruity notes are however far stronger than the caramel: sweet ripe (but not overripe, yay!) tropical fruits, mainly mango and pineapple, while the citric notes are quite faint. Do I also detect a very faint lightly toasted note? Compared to M’s Amarillo single hop APA I would say that the IPA is sweeter, the malty part is stronger, the fruits are riper and the grapefruit is fainter. A wild guess: no Amarillo in this one?

Big, everlasting head on top of a dark amber brownish body.

The taste is a bit less sweet than I had expected and the bitter finish is of moderate plus strength. Is the IBU really 78? I’d guessed a lower value. The flavours are not as strong as I’d hoped for, but they are still very nice, although not very complex. I get mainly grassy, resinous notes with bitter grapefruit blended in, while the rest of the tropical fruit basked is left in the aroma. The finish is quite long, with a resinous bitter feel. I detect a faint whiff of yeast as well, but it’s not disturbing.

The mouthfeel is very good: medium body, a creamy and smooth texture, soft carbonation and a very light dry finish.

Conclusion: A very nice IPA with an amazing aroma and mouthfeel. My nose liked this beer better than my tongue: stronger and more complex flavours would have made this beer a winner.

Aroma:     8
Apperance: 4
Taste:     7
Palate:    4
Overall:   13
Ratebeer score: 3.6

One comment on “Meilby Brewing India Pale Ale

  1. The malt bill for this brew was inspired by the Mikkeller Single Hop Series. 67% Pale malt, 11 % Crystal, 11% Munich and 11% Flaked oats. I didn’t really planned this brew so I just had to make with what yeast and hops I had laying around. For bittering I used Nothern Brewer and for flavour and aroma I used Citra and Cascade. This is one of the few brews I have fermented with dry yeast (Safale US-05). This beer didn’t turn out the way I wanted it, the yeast gave up way to early (or I mashed at a too high temperature) which resulted in the beer is to sweet.

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