Meilby Brewing Amarillo Pale Ale

Amarillo Pale Ale by Meilby Brewing, American Pale Ale, 4.2 % ABV, IBU 38.

Meilby Brewing Amarillo Pale Ale, batch #011, bottle 29/56

A couple of days ago I had a Hornbeer Dryhop, an amazing Amarillo single hop bottom fermented beer. When I was trying to decide which of my newly received bottles from Meilby Brewing I was going to try first, I knew that I had to go for the Amarillo Pale Ale, which I assume is an Amarillo single hop top fermented beer. Are there any similarities between the two beers? What difference does the yeast make? Do you feel the pressure, Meilby?

The beer pours a hazy medium amber body with a huge, creamy, off-white head that never gets any smaller than a thick layer. Impressive amounts of lacing clings to the glass, long after the beer has been drunk.

Amarillo Pale Ale in the glass. Big ever-lasting creamy head.

The aroma is strong with lots of hoppy notes, but there is also a touch of sweet caramel. The sweet fruits are the dominants contributors though, I get ripe peach, slightly acidic mango, pineapple and grapefruit. A couple of strawberries are thrown in for good measure, and finally there are some faint refreshing herbal hints. Very, very inviting indeed!

The taste is light sweet with a moderate bitter finish. A quite gentle pale ale, this one. The flavours are quite strong, with lots of grapefruit up front, followed by peach and hints of honey. There are also traces of a strange rubber note, but the sharp and clean herbal, resinous, grapefruity bitterness removes the faint rubber as soon as the beer is swallowed, leading to a fairly long-lasting, dry and clean finish. Finally I get some extremely faint yeasty notes.

The mouthfeel is pleasantly dry, but the body is a bit too thin and watery. This is to be expected with such a low ABV, I suppose. Dangerously drinkable on a hot summer day!

How it compares with the Hornbeer Dryhop? Well, it’s less bitter but with the same obvious grapefruit flavour. On the other hand, I’d probably said that about most pale ales…

Conclusion: a very crisp, refreshing and gently hopped pale ale with no obvious flaws.

Aroma:     8
Apperance: 4
Taste:     7
Palate:    3
Overall:   13
Ratebeer score: 3.5

Thats what I call lacing!

4 comments on “Meilby Brewing Amarillo Pale Ale

  1. Your assumptions of this being a single hop (Amarillo) top fermented (Wyeast 1056 American Ale) beer is correct. If I remember correctly the hop was added at 60, 15, 5 min. & dry hopped for 9-10 days. The malt bill was designed to be an Amber Ale, this explains the amber color and the hints of caramel. But to be honest I fucked up the sparging and sparged with way to much water resulting in the low ABV and the thin watery mouthfeel. The yeast cake was later used for the Française Stoubic.

    • And you didn’t fix the low ABV with a healthy dose of DME (dry malt extract)? A true purist! 😀

      On the other hand, 4,2 might be in the low end of the spectrum, but at the same time I’d say it’s acceptable for an easy-drinkin’ APA.

      Looking forward to trying this (it’s still in my cellar). 🙂

      • DME is only used for yeast starters in this brewery. If I don’t get the OG or FG I want it’s fun to do something abnormal. Française Stoubic is a good example of that.

  2. I like your attitude Kenni. Personally, I must confess that I do not at all feel confident enough to improvise my way around faulty gravity values to any greater extent, not to mention the fact that I might not have the right ingredients available to do so. Perhaps I’ll get there, one day. 🙂

    Anyway, Terje asked for my opinion on the beer…rather good, as it turns out:

    M Amarillo Pale Ale

    Appearance: Hazy deep orange with a small white head, with what appears to be actual hop leaf remains floating around; probably from dry hopping! [:-D] 4
    Aroma: Mellow grassy melon-like hop tones, hints of citrus. 6
    Taste: Melon, grass, pine and hints of fresh parsley. Mellow, but surprisingly complex for a single hop beer. Smooth and well-blended flavors. 7
    Palate: A bit too soft on the carbonation, which makes it appear slightly flat. Smooth and nice, nevertheless. 3
    Overall: A good, mild and summery APA with good thirst-quenching abilities. 14

    Total score: 3,4

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